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Coin Passing Through a Table

Coin Passing Through a TableA coin is borrowed and the hands are shown perfectly empty otherwise. The coin now flies from one hand to the other, through a table, etc.
Palm a duplicate on the left hand two middle fingers, borrow one and pass it to left, so that it comes in front of substitute, which you push with thumb so that both come together and look like one. Now take them between the first finger and thumb so that they look like one coin and pass them from one hand to the other, exposing both palms empty. Finally, take the coin between the tips of the middle fingers and thumb. Then as you pass the "coin" to the left hand, push only the inner one into left hand, sliding the thumb over the front coin, which palm on thumb. The left hand now contains the substitute, and the right one the borrowed coin. You can now pass the coin from hand to hand, etc. Finally, again combine both and show one.
The above is a very useful sleight and the author recommends it as creating, after a little practice, a perfect illusion.