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Disappearing Pile of Coins

Disappearing Pile of CoinsA number of coins are shown lying on a plate, piled up, taken in the left hand where they are seen, and the hand is closed over them. A handkerchief is thrown over the hand, and when removed, the coins have disappeared.
Show a quantity of loose coins on a plate. Pile them up, and while doing so, palm a dummy "stack" in the left hand. Pretend to pass loose coins to the left hand, palming and dropping them in profonde, or in a box of bran, so that they will sink slowly and without noise. Borrow a handkerchief, show the dummy, grasp the handkerchief by the center of one side and then spread it out over the left hand, and while so doing throw the dummy into the right, the handkerchief hiding the flight. Pick up the wand, in the act of which drop the dummy on the servante, touch the handkerchief with it, place it under your arm, and draw off the handkerchief and show it, and the hands, empty; or, omit the wand business and vest dummy while advancing close to audience.