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Downs Eureka Pass

Downs Eureka PassThe author has extreme pleasure, in the following description of the pass to which he has given the above title, in taking the reader into his confidence and explaining to him fully what the writer conscientiously believes to be his most novel, puzzling and prettiest feat:

The pass is used for the vanishing of any number of coins, up to 20, one at a time.
The coins are lying on the table. One is placed in the right hand as in Fig. 1 (in readiness for the back palm). This is made and both hands shown (apparently) empty. The left hand now picks up another coin by the first finger and thumb, and proceeds to place it on the, right hand in the position occupied by the first (see Fig. 28), but in the act of doing so the middle fingers of the left hand go to the back of the right and remove the first coin (see Fig. 29). The left hand now leaves the second coin on the right hand, which back-palms it, the left hand in the meantime palming coin No. 1. This is repeated until the whole of the coins are palmed in the left hand. Of course, considerable practice is necessary to palm the coins one after the other without noise, but this is not so difficult if the first coin is palmed as per Fig. 9, and each following one is placed under the preceding one.