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Gold versus Silver

Gold versus SilverTwo silk handkerchiefs are passed for examination, and six knots tied by spectators in each of them. The handkerchiefs are now hung from a ribbon passing between two chairs (see Fig. 39). Six rings and six silver coins are borrowed and placed in a pistol. The audience are now asked which they prefer, gold or silver. On receiving a reply, the performer asks which handkerchief they desire the metal to appear in. The performer now shoots at one handkerchief and then at the other, and requests a spectator to remove the handkerchiefs from the ribbon and open the knots, whereupon in each of the knots is found a ring or coin, according to which handkerchief the knot belongs to.
Two handkerchiefs are passed for examination, also two small bags, one labelled "Gold" and the other "Silver." In the "Silver" labelled bag coins are placed, in the other rings, and the strings drawn tight to close the bags. These are placed on a plate (the last person to place the coin or ring in closing the bags) held by an assistant who, on returning to the stage, substitutes two bags containing duplicate articles. He now retires and knots two duplicate handkerchiefs, which he vests, after placing rings in the knots of one and coins in the knots of the other. The professor, in the meantime, has the original handkerchiefs knotted. These he hands to the assistant, who pockets them, and hangs the others up instead in previously arranged places. The professor now places the bags in the pistol and asks which metal the audience prefer. Then he asks in which handkerchief they desire the articles to appear. On receiving a reply he shoots a pistol at the indicated article, and then, as he does not wish his pistola revolver-to be encumbered with the other articles, he shoots at the other handkerchief and unties the knots, letting the articles drop on the plates and then returns them to their owners. The audience has free choice of metals, but the handkerchiefs are forced in the usual way.
N. B.-Place articles in handkerchief one at a time, and knot it so that the article is inside of the handkerchief instead of being inserted in the knot only.