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Money Producing Handkerchief

Money Producing HandkerchiefPerformer borrows a handkerchief, rolls up his sleeves, shows his hands empty both sides and strokes the handkerchief, when instantly a number of coins drop from it. This can be repeated several times.
Handkerchief is borrowed and then thrown over the back of a chair, and the sleeves rolled up. On picking up the handkerchief, a money tube made of white material, with watch spring mouth, is picked up with it. On stroking the handkerchief, the ends of springs are pressed a la "Shower of Sweets Bag"-and a few coins allowed to drop out. This movement is repeated until all are produced. The hand is now inserted in the handkerchief, and the tube backpalmed by means of a catgut loop fixed to it, and the handkerchief returned to the owner.