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New Change Over Palm

New Change Over PalmWhen the left hand is opened, the right hand, which contains the coins palmed, is brought face to face with the left one, and the coins transferred to the palm of the left hand, which is immediately turned round (under cover of the right) to show (apparently) that there is nothing at the back, and then the right hand can be shown empty back and front (see Fig. 21). The left hand is next turned round under cover of the right hand; and the coins re-palmed in right (see Fig. 22). This is an exceedingly difficult sleight; and requires a considerable amount of delicacy in manipulating. It is very desirable to have the coins all of the same size and thickness, otherwise one or more may slide out from the rest in the act of transference.
The coins can then be produced as fancy indicates, by catching them one at a time, or in a fan from the back of the left hand ; but a suitable mode of production will readily suggest itself to a performer who has thoroughly mastered the above two passes. The author can safely state that when once proficient in both of the above the performer can do practically just as he likes with half-a-dozen coins, and he therefore considers it one of the most useful passes in existence.