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Bare Hands Coin Production

Bare Hands Coin ProductionPerformer turns up his sleeves and shows both hands perfectly empty back and front, fingers wide apart (no coin holders, spiders, or false palms used). He then brings his hands together for a moment, without approaching his body, and immediately produces six half-dollars.
In explaining the modus operandi of this experiment the author has much pleasure in acquainting his readers with an entirely original and novel method of producing the coins. Recourse is made to the old shell finger used for handkerchief productions, etc. This is loaded with the well-known "folding" coins (see Fig. 43), and placed in position on the right hand between the second and third fingers.
The hands can now, apparently, be shown quite empty, the addition of a fifth finger not being noticed if the hands are kept in motion. The hands are now brought together, the coins extracted and produced, the shell slipped back between the fingers again, or palmed, and both hands are once more shown empty.
The author has tried the above "fake" and found it practical in every way.