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New Money Producing Card

New Money Producing CardPerformer has a card selected from the pack, which he holds between the fingers of right hand, when suddenly a real half-dollar appears on the extreme edge of the same and then vanishes. This can be repeated ad lib, and would form a pretty addition to the "Miser's Dream."
Fig. 48 will explain the secret of this effect, which is really an adaptation of the old money wand. On one card is glued firmly a brass slide, s(see Fig. 49), the end of which opens to allow the coin to pass out but shuts as soon as same is withdrawn (by means of springs). Another card is now glued on the top of the other one on all sides excepting at the corner where the slide opens, so that the coin can appear and disappear at will.
The card selected, which should be forced, is, of course, "changed" for the trick one, which after the trick is "re-changed" for the selected one to pass for examination.