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The Ratle Box

Eight coins are taken in the left hand and the same is shaken to prove they are there; in fact, the coins are heard rattling till the last minute. Upon opening the hand, however, the coins have completely vanished and are produced from the air.
To prepare for this trick eight coins are placed in a piece of tubing, closed at both ends and perforated on the top and around the sides. This is then attached to a strap (see Fig. 36) and fastened round the wrist under the sleeve. Eight coins are borrowed and apparently passed to the left hand, which is closed (the coins being palmed in the right hand). If the left hand is now shaken the coins in the tube will, of course, rattle, and give the audience the impression they are still in that hand. The hand is now opened, shown empty, and the coins are produced from the air, as in the "Miser's Dream."