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Pass a Coin Through the Knees

Pass a Coin Through the KneesTo bring about the above effect a half-dollar is palmed in the right hand, and another taken between the second and third finger tips (the latter being of course visible to audience). Left hand is now shown empty, and the visible coin placed on the left fingers in readiness for the Back Palm, the left hand being placed horizontally against the right knee. The right hand now points at the, coin in the left hand in a casual sort of way (in reality to show nothing between fingers or at back of hand), then shows the front of the hand (in the meantime, of course, reversing the coin to back of hand), and places it in a similar position on the opposite side of the knee to the left. Fig. 18 will show the correct position. The coin is now back-palmed by the left hand-at the moment of doing which the coin back-palmed in the right hand is brought to the front, the same having apparently passed completely through your knee. This can be repeated once or twice. The performer then pretends to overhear a remark, "Pass it through both knees," and replies "Through both knees? Oh, certainly; however, it's more painful," and he repeats the trick, apparently passing the coin through both knees, making, of course, not the slightest difference in the modus operandi.