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Passing Twenty Coins

Passing Twenty CoinsIn this trick the performer borrows, say, 20 half-dollars and holds them spread out in a fan in the left hand (palm towards audience). The right hand is now shown empty back and front, with nothing between the fingers, and is held out straight from the body. Coins now vanish from the tips of the fingers to the left, immediately reappearing in a fan between the thumb and first finger of the right hand. The same movement can be repeated as often as desired, the beauty of the whole experiment being that the palms are continually facing the audience.
The above (apparently) sensational feat is accomplished by having made in duplicate a stack of 20 exceedingly thin imitation coins, with a rivet running through the lot as near the edge as possible (see Fig. 38), which is soldered on to the top and bottom coin. This admits of the pile being spread out fan-wise, thereby preventing the audience from thinking you are using a dummy. This imitation "stack," being so thin and fixed together, enables the artist to make the ordinary back and reverse palm with the same. Thus he palms in the right hand one of the dummies. Borrowed coins are now taken in the right hand and apparently placed fan-wise in the left hand, but in reality he places the previously palmed dummy there, and while calling attention to his left hand the performer pockets the coins and palms the duplicate dummy, then back-palming it to show both sides of the hand empty. The rest will be obvious to the reader. The borrowed coins can be produced in the next trick, but hundreds of methods of producing coins will occur to anyone giving the matter a little attention.