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The Coin and Paper Tube

The Coin and Paper TubeThe performer takes a small piece of paper, making a round tube of it, which he secures in the middle of the stage by a ribbon fastened to each side of it, which suspends it there, The performer, standing 'anywhere upon the stage, produces a coin, and throwing it up into the air it passes through the tube, falling upon a plate placed on a table underneath the tube. As the coin falls through upon the plate it can be seen and heard all over the house. The explanation is that in the tube, when making it, you place a coin-dropping apparatus that can be secured at the magical dealer's. A thread or wire runs through one side of the ribbon that holds the tube, and is fastened by a hook while attaching the ribbon to the tube, and when your assistant pulls the string it releases one coin at a time, and after the experiment is finished you take down the. tube, showing it empty, palming off the box. A good way to secure it, when making the tube, is when your assistant brings out the cardboard on a waiter's tray, which, although innocent enough looking, has a double bottom that you have your box in with a small wire attached to it, so when lifting up the cardboard your, finger goes through the loop in the wire, bringing the small box back of cardboard, and when you make the tube you have it already inside. You make the tube of cardboard to fit exactly the coin box inside, and have a catch attached to the ribbon so when you fastened it to the tube it also clasps the little box inside, holding it suspended. A small ring fastened to the thread or wire running through one side of the ribbon slips over a catch which liberates the coins.