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The Coin Cornucopia

The Coin CornucopiaThe performer calls attention to a piece of newspaper, and makes a cornucopia of it, and places it in a glass that is on a common dinner plate that is upon your table. Rolls his sleeves up, showing nothing concealed in sleeves or hands. He then picks up from his table a half-dollar and passes it inside the cornucopia, which he has shown empty; this he continues to do until he passes four coins, or any number that he wishes to, and upon opening the cornucopia four half-dollars fall upon the plate from the inside of the cornucopia. How it is done : In the first place the cornucopia is made from a piece of newspaper that has already been prepared in the following manner. The newspaper is doubled over, making half the size of the paper, the sides and top are pasted together to resemble one piece of paper; but before doubling over you paste two or three pieces of tissue paper four inches square in the center of paper, making four separate pockets, so coins do not rattle, and you leave top of the pockets open, in which you place your coins before the entertainment, as many as you wish to use, being careful when picking up the paper to make the cornu- copra not to let the coins fall out. Now have a dozen coins on your table, and the first one you pass inside the cornucopia you really palm it, keeping it in the hand, or, if you wish to show your hands empty, pocket it, the second one in the same manner, making as much of a noise as you can with the coins when you pick them up ; the third coin you pick up, you again lay it on the table to assure your audience that as your sleeves are rolled up it is impossible for it to disappear up your sleeves, and as your hands do not come in contact with your person the coin must actually pass inside at your command. This time you make believe you pick up the coin, rattling them as though picking up one ; then call their attention to the fact that by passing it from one hand to the other it gradually becomes smaller, until it has really vanished, and when you take in consideration that you had nothing in your hands to commence with-a very easy matter-but to the audience a very clever piece of work. The fourth coin you merely palm, and when you open the cornucopia you drop it with the three you have already in it upon the plate. The reason for using the plate to place the glass upon is simply to make a noise dropping the coins upon it.