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The Coin of Phoenix

A borrowed coin, the date of which is noted, disappears and reappears between the hands. It is then caused to adhere to the finger tip or to the wand, then it is rubbed between the hands, when it changes to a piece of paper upon which is found in writing the date of the borrowed coin. Paper is burnt, whereupon the coin instantly reappears from the ashes and is returned to the owner. The borrowed coin is changed for a substitute and the latter handed to a spectator to examine the date, and the borrowed one pocketed. The duplicate coin is now changed for one with the edge cut so as to leave a hook as per Fig. 47, which enables the performer to attach it to various places. While the coin is attached to the wand, reverse-palm a small piece of paper containing the date of the coin. Bring the paper to the palm and reverse-palm coin. Show date on paper, which burn, and bring coin to palm of hand, substitute this for second coin and hand to the spectator who noted the date.