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The Downs Goblet of Mystery

An empty tumbler is covered with a handkerchief and placed on the table, a pile of coins disappears and is found in the tumbler when the handkerchief is removed.
Fill a small-sized tumbler three parts full of half-dollars and crush a piece of newspaper in the glass on the top of them. Palm the, glass in the left hand and take an empty tumbler between the thumb and first finger (see Fig. 53). Throw a handkerchief over the empty tumbler, and, while arranging it, seize the coin glass and turn it upright. Drop the hands and palm the empty tumbler, and seize the other with thumb and first finger-dropping the hands to hide the exchange. Take hold of the coin tumbler through the handkerchief and place it on the table, meanwhile pocketing the empty glass. Show the pile of coins and vanish by palming. Take hold of the center of the handkerchief and paper, and remove both from the glass. Drop the paper on to servante, or else introduce the hand under the handkerchief and palm it.