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The Flying Coins

Six half-dollars are deposited in a small box by the spectators and the box placed in full view on the table. Performer shows his hands empty and applies, one at a time, two circular paper discs to the flame of a candle when, as quick as a flash, they are transformed into two half-dollars, which drop from the flame. A piece of paper is shown empty, also both hands. _ Paper is rolled into a cone and placed in claret glass. One of the coins now vanishes. Picking up the other it multiplies into two, one of which disappears. The coin again multiplies into two, the process being repeated until the one coin has multiplied five times and the six coins, which have in this manner been invisibly extracted from the box, vanished. On the cone being opened the coins are found therein. Same are replaced in cone, which is crushed and dropped into the glass held by spectator. Performer now causes the coins to vanish from paper and to appear in a previously examined envelope. On the envelope being opened five smaller ones are found therein and within the smallest are found the six coins.
The box containing the coins is substituted for a duplicate empty one. The best way to do this is to hold both in one hand, the empty one being underneath, the hand is now shaken and the coins heard to rattle in the uppermost box, which is immediately (apparently) placed on the table, though in reality you leave the empty one on the table. Now reverse-palm two coins in the right hand. Pick up the paper discs with the left hand and transfer one of them to the right, which applies it to the candle, and lets a coin drop. Repeat with the other disc. Multiply and vanish by reverse-palming at the back of the hand, by rubbing between the two hands, when the coin to be got rid of is palmed at the back of the hand on which they lay or by doublepalming, etc., etc.
To place six duplicate coins in the zone, draw them from clip (see "New Money Producing Candle") under the table top as you pick up the paper. Form it into a cone and leave the coins inside. For vanishing the coins from the cone an empty cone is crushed and palmed. Cone with coins in is taken in the same hand, crushed, and an empty one substituted and dropped into the glass.
The nest of envelopes has a tube into the smallest one through which the coins are droppeda la "Ball of Worsted"-while the empty envelope is being examined. The original coins, of course, can easily be extracted from the duplicate box in your profonde* or on servante* preparatory to dropping into tube.

*Profonde-A pocket contained in the tail of the performer's coat.
*Servante-A secret padded shelf attached behind a table or chair.

The above illusion, if worked up well, with attention to all details, makes a very striking drawing room feat. The author has performed the trick with great success.