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The Fusible Coins

The performer takes one or more coins between his fingers, when they melt and the molten metal flows out of his hands. When it has again solidified, he takes it into his hand and converts it into metallic vapor, which is seen to issue from between the fingers. Then he catches with his empty hands in the smoke clouds and produces the coins in their original shape.
To perform this trick it is necessary to be provided with :

(1) A little holder (see Fig. 66) about the size and shape of the well known pull cup used for causing the change and disappearance of a handkerchief. This holder, which is also attached by means of a rubber cord to the back of the vest, is divided in the middle, opening at either end. One end is provided with a rubber cork in which a tube is inserted, provided on the outside with a little tap. This small holder is filled with mercury. The other end is first of all rinsed out with hydrochloric acid and a little cap fitting on same is similarly prepared with liquid ammonia. The cap is now placed on. The two chemicals combining form a vapor.

(2) A small metal basin (see Fig. 67) really consisting of two parts, the outside one being deeper than the other, which has a minute hole in the bottom, so that a vacant space is created between the two. (See Fig. 68, which gives a section of same.)

The performer commences the trick by passing the coins apparently into the left hand (really palming them in the right) which passes backwards and forwards over a lighted candle on the table, the right hand meanwhile getting rid of coins noiselessly on servante. Under cover of the movements of the left hand over the candle, the right hand obtains possession of the holder from the right sleeve. Performer explains that the coins are by this time melted. Hands are now placed together, taking care that the presence of the "fake" is not detected. The little tap is opened and the mercury allowed to escape through the fingers into a glass beneath. The tap is now closed and the "pull" allowed to fly back up the sleeve. Performer now exhibits the mercury in the glass, stating that it is the silver of the molten coins. He now says that he will convert it into its original rough solid state and for this purpose pours it into the little bowl before described, which is placed for good effect, if possible, on a piece of ice. If no ice is available make use of a fan. The mercury of course at once disappears through the tiny hole in false bottom in the bowl. This done, the performer, under pretense of showing how the process is being accomplished, grasps the bowl, at the same time secretly inserting a lump of Wood's metal, which melts at about 68 degrees C. This might be introduced before the mercury is poured in, the precise method employed, however, being immaterial so long as it is inserted indetectably. After a time he turns out the same on to the table.
"You seem inclined to think that I am merely telling you a pretty story, ladies and gentlemen. Please look for yourselves. Here you can see the erstwhile molten metal is quite solid" (he taps the table with the lump, showing in 'the meantime the empty bowl). "If you think it not the same you have just seen in its liquid condition I shall be only too pleased to show you that you are mistaken by performing the experiment in another manner. Now watch me closely. I place the lump into glass filled with water and put it on a tripod, over which I place a wire gauze. Now I warm the water by the aid of this spirit lamp. A short period of time will be adequate to melt the silver before your gaze in the transparent glass." (He now pours out carefully the hot water-letting the liquid metal out on to a sheet of paper; the paper is not charred by it.) "This peculiar change in the properties of the silver, which has usually rather a high melting point, has been brought about by my magic touch. Meanwhile, as you all can see, the metal has again become solid matter. The paper is absolutely undamaged. I shall now proceed by taking this solid lump in the left hand (really palming it in the right) and hold it over the candle in this manner." (The right hand meanwhile gets down "pull," turns it round, so as to get the smoke end facing the front, the hands are now brought together, smoke cap removed and smoke allowed to escape through fingers, "pull" released and allowed to go back into sleeve.) "As you can see, ladies and gentlemen, the transformation is now an accomplished fact. The metal, having first of all changed into a liquid state, has now been turned into vapor. The coins would be lost forever if I waited until the fumes disperse, so all I have to do is to catch at the vapor and here we have a coin, here another" (and so on, until all have been produced). "Here we find the coins have now returned to their original condition, none the worse for their mysterious travels."
The mode of producing the coins is as follows :
The left hand (left side facing audience) makes a grab in the air, the right hand at the same moment palming from_ the pocket the correct number of coins used. Now make a half turn to the left, the right hand grabs at the smoke, the two hands come together and pretend to knead the vapor into its proper shape and
then show one coin. This is repeated until all have been "caught."