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The Marvelous Transit of Coins

Two glasses are passed on a tray for examination. The audience is requested to place a few coins in one of the glasses. Two hats and two handkerchiefs are now borrowed. A handkerchief is thrown over each glass, which is placed on top of a hat. The performer now invisibly abstracts coins from the one glass and passes them into the empty one, where they are found.
An empty glass is loaded into one of the hats. A glass containing coins is now placed in the same hat, but no, the professor alters his mind, takes it out again, and places it in the other hat. In reality he has left the glass with the coins in the first hat, and brought out the empty glass, which is now in the second hat. The original empty glass is now placed in the same hat as contains the glass with coins. The latter is now picked up and removed, the empty glass being nipped with the fingers and the hat turned upside down with glass on its side. The coin glass is now placed on the top of the hat, and the other hat turned upside down and the glass placed on the top. Coins are invisibly extracted from the empty glass and shown-any palm desired can be used-coins vanish from the hand and pass into the other glass. The handkerchiefs are removed from glasses when the change is seen. Hat with empty glass under is taken to a chair, and glass dropped on servants while picking up a silk handkerchief from the top of it. One hat is now brushed and placed on the table, while the other one is brushed. A silk handkerchief is dropped on the table and the hats and borrowed handkerchiefs returned to the owners.