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The Money Producing Cigarette

While performing the Aerial Treasury the performer fancies a cigarette, so proceeds to take an amber tube out of case, insert a borrowed cigarette (if anyone will trust him with one) in it, lights it casually and goes on catching money in the air. Suddenly a half-dollar appears at the red-hot end of the cigarette (see Fig. 44), at which the performer appears to be somewhat startled, but he quietly blows the coin into the hat and goes on smoking as calmly as before, the beauty of the feat being that his hands do not come near to the cigarette or holder during the whole time. This effect can be repeated as often as desired.
The above experiment, as doubtless many of my readers have conjectured, is a novel adaptation of the old half-dollar wand. The cigarette holder, although apparently an innocent piece of amber, is in reality a very neatly made money wand, with a hole large enough to take a cigarette, but the side turned away from the audience is capable of sliding like a telescope as far as the end of the cigarette (see Figs. 45 and 46), and it is when in this position that the tongue moves a little stud in the mouth and forces the coin to appear and expand apparently from the lighted end of the cigarette. By a reverse motion of the tongue the coin is made to vanish.
The above is quite a novel idea and the author trusts his readers who are on the lookout for something new-and what "real" lover of magic is not?-will appreciate it.