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The Mysterious Claret Glass

The author here presents to his reader an entirely new, original and novel "Money Catching" trick, the beauty of the feat being in the simplicity of the apparatus used. An ordinary large size claret glass, which can be freely examined, is taken in the right hand (which has previously been shown empty) and held as in
Fig. 54.
The performer now walks round the room or stage, and commences to catch half-dollars in the glass without the left hand approaching same. The coins are not only heard but seen to fall into the glass. The coins and glass can afterwards be handed for examination.
Grip the stem of the glass with the middle finger and palm a stack of coins on the last joint of third finger, the middle knuckle of which rests on the top of the foot of the colored glass (see Fig. 55). Push one of the coins on the middle joint of the first finger and tip it up so that it falls on the thumb nail, which throws it upwards above the glass into which it is caught. Repeat until all the coins have been similarly dealt with.
The right hand can first of all be shown empty by means of the new "Change over Palm," described on the following pages:
The author recommends the above experiment as being (provided it is practiced well) a very good illusion, which can be performed in a small room without anyone ever dreaming where the coins come from.