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The Obedient Coins

After the performance of "The Miser's Dream," the following diversion is excellent:
The attention of the company is directed to an empty tumbler which lies upon its side upon the table, mouth towards the auditorium. The glass is then placed upright, and several of the coins, which have been so magically gathered from the air, are ordered to fly into it. They not only obey the command, but they are seen to shoot into the tumbler , out of which they are then poured. The secret is this : The coins have a small hole drilled through their centers, also the glass has a hole drilled through its bottom ; likewise the table has a small hole where you stand the glass, A strong, knotted thread is passed through the coins, thence into and through the tumbler, and finally the end is carried down through the table, and out to a concealed assistant. The coins rest upon the servaunt of your table, directly behind the glass. A vigorous pull upon the thread will cause the pile of coins to fly visibly into the glass, and the same pull will break the thread, leaving them in a condition to be readily poured from the tumbler.