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The Silver Question

Performer, after showing both hands empty, calls upon his banker to supply him with funds, when instantly a pile of 30 coins appears in his hand. Being for the moment like Oliver Twist, and asking for more, another pile appears, while upon making a still further request a third stack comes into view. The performer requests his banker to transfer two of the piles to his pocket. On this being done he rubs the remaining pile between his fingers and the same gradually decreases in size until it becomes a silver powder, which upon being fanned vanishes.
Figs. 59 and 60 will give the explanation of the principal secret of this novel experiment.
After the sleeves are turned up and the hands shown perfectly empty, the "load" is picked up from any convenient place with the thumb through the loop, so that it remains on the back of the hand. The hands are then brought together and the stack brought inside and the cross threads discarded. One, two, and three shown after each other, then one and two put together, palmed and pocketed. Both ends of three shown -wax on it-transferred to the opposite end and coin which keeps lower end of tube closed, and four shown while you discard three in profonde, or on servante while picking up the wand to touch pile with. Repeat with four. Now transfer coin on five to top, palm and leave filings in left hand, pick up fan, getting rid of "fake" at the same time, and fan left hand, letting the filings drop slowly on the floor.

Second Method.-Omit coins from three and
four and palm the "fakes" from one to five inside of each other in right hand, and discard one after the other while picking up the fan.

Third Method.-In this way of doing the above trick you must be provided with two "fakes," one fitting over the other and the two then just fitting over a stack of real coins. Three stacks are then produced in the course of the trick, the two "dummies" vanished and the real coins can be used in another experiment.