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The Sixteen to One Silver Trick

In this trick the author explains his original method of producing sixteen coins, one at a time, from a borrowed one, the hands first of all being shown empty.
The method of effecting the above, which the author believes to be one of the best productions extant, is as follows:
Palm sixteen coins in the right hand in the same manner as in Fig. 34. Now receive the borrowed coin in the left hand and proceed by means of the new "change over palm" described on page 69 to show both hands otherwise empty. After the audience is convinced that nothing is concealed in your hands, take the borrowed half-dollar as in Fig. 65. The left hand now slowly passes over the right, under cover of which pick up a coin from the palmed lot, with the aid of the second and third fingers of right hand, and place it behind the borrowed one, the effect to the audience being that the left hand has simply passed over the right. To add additional effect the left hand can again pass over the right and then with the tips of the first finger and thumb remove the hindermost coin, it appearing to the audience that same was actually pulled out of the borrowed coin. This is, of course, repeated with the remainder.
A quarter of an hour's practice, after the
picking up" movement has been acquired, will be sufficient to prove what an effective "production" the foregoing is.