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The Turnover with Fourty Coins

This feat the author considers to be one of the best in his whole act, for the simple reason that no one has yet even attempted to duplicate it publicly. Others have tried it and have got as far as making the coins turn one way, but there they stop, it being next to impossible for them to make them return without the use of the other hand.
The coins are spread from the very tips of the fingers of the right hand to the wrist (see Fig. 30). Now, by slightly contracting the palm the whole row of coins turns completely over in pretty fashion. Fig. 31 shows the coins in the act of turning. Fig 32 shows them turned completely over. Now by a delicate jerk with the tips of the two middle fingers the coins are made to assume their original position. The author is able to turn the coins over quite slowly and
also do the reverse movement in the same manner. This makes the trick look more effective, but it is exceedingly difficult of accomplishment, though, of course., it can be done with sufficient practice. The author fears that at first sight some of the sleights mentioned in this book may appear impossible of successful execution, and he therefore begs to say that he has described nothing but what he has accomplished himself, each of the experiments herein contained being quite practical.